About this blog

I am a newbie when it comes to blogging.  Not even sure I like doing this yet but I do want to give it a try. 

I hope you like what you read here and please feel free to leave a comment.  It would be nice to know who is reading. 


13 responses to “About this blog

  1. Hey Barb! Just wanted to pop in and say HELLO!!! DD is looking just gorgeous in that pic!!!

  2. I hope you don’t quit…..I enjoy reading what everyone is doing…It helps me feel like I am keeping in touch with all my friends. But I understand…..Is the picture someone we know…?

  3. So far I’ve really enjoyed having a place I can lay out my thoughts or just be boring. I kind of like the no boundaries part too in that I can write what I want and what I feel and I don’t have to be concerned with going against the grain. I can be pretty grainy at times. 🙂
    Thanks Ginger, I do enjoy peeking in on my friends too.
    And yes, the picture is my daughter.

  4. I hope you come back and blog, Barbra! I enjoy your posts and I miss seeing you “around”! How is your new business going? HUGS!!!!

  5. My goodness! I had no idea I was so popular! 🙂 I’ve been super busy with the new business and yes, it’s going very well! So well in fact that dh and I both forgot our anniversary which was on the 25th of last month….we remembered 2 days ago! Yikes!
    I’ll try to get to posting soon. Thanks for all your encouragement.

  6. I’d like to read more about your new business, Barb. How very exciting for you guys that it is going so well!

  7. Hi Barb, this is Sheila-aka-mom-to-five… I just saw you had a blog….. I am trying to make sure I can keep in touch with everyone from the dy sight. I hope all going well for yah!! I try to read everyones blogs once a week and try to post as well. see yah later!!

  8. Hey, baby sis! I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I have had alot of difficulties getting used to a new med for my migraines and it is looking more and more like it just won’t be tolerated. Please bear with me while I get straightened out and I’ll get more active, ok? I love you, hon. (((((hugs)))))).

  9. Dear Barb…..for some reason your comment you left for me went into spam. I was trying to pull it off and accidentally deleted it….. I am so sorry…..I would love for you to go back and leave the comment. Thank you for what you said…(())

  10. Hi Barb! I just wanted to tell you I have been missing you and thinking about you lots lately.

    Love you,

  11. Hi Barb! I have missed seeing you around. How are you?


  12. Barb, I’ve missed reading your blog of late. I do hope all is well. Know that you are prayed for as are your kids.


  13. Whatcha been up to my friend….just checking in to see how things are going…..((()))

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