Adam and Eve’s Salvation

 Adam and Eve must have felt so horrible when God cast them out of their perfect home.  Think of it, they had it all.  They had complete peace, complete happiness.  They had direct relationship with God Himself.  Their home was beautiful beyond anything you or I could ever dream or imagine.  But they made a wrong choice and they sinned.  God casting them out of the garden was not only the consequences for their actions but it was also Him working something that was meant to destroy them for their good. 

  I’m sure they were devastated to lose their home and all they had enjoyed for so long.  I’m sure they went through a time of mourning and certainly they must have gone through a time of beating themselves up for what they had done.  But did they see the mercy?  Did they see what God was working for their good in all of that?  Probably not.  Nobody sees it when they are in the pain of going through it.  But after a while I’m sure their pain began to ease as God continued to love them in spite of their anger at themselves for what they had done.  And after a while, I wonder, did that pain go away?  Did they see the grace of God in His judgment to send them out of the garden into this barren world?  Did they ever see, did they ever fully understand that the reason they had to be cast out was so important?  Did they ever glimpse the implications of what would have happened had God allowed them to stay and have access to the tree of life?  Did they ever realize that if they had eaten from the tree of life they would never have died?  And if they, knowing not only good but evil as well, were to live forever in the flesh, they would be imprisoned, in chains to a world of pain, on this earth, never to be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven…never to rest in the arms of Jesus…never to know what living without pain would be like, for all of eternity.   

So, in sending them out of the garden, God saved them.  And you know what?  He’s still sending his people out to save them.  God loved Adam and Eve beyond measure.  They were the first born, the only two people created by the very hand of God, not out of the natural order of all God has created life to be.   They were perfection to Him.  And yet, when they sinned, He loved them still.  He loved them so deeply He could not allow them to spend eternity separated from Him.  He provided them with a way back to Him.   

Looking at the story of Adam and Eve from this angle, can you relate? 


One response to “Adam and Eve’s Salvation

  1. Adam & Eve knew one-on-one fellowship with God. Imagine how wonderful! So, I can barely imagine the tremendous grief they carried when they no longer had that intimate relationship with Him. Despite their loss, hardship and future heartbreaks, they never lost their faith in God.
    As an old gospel song says, “I’ll have a new body, I’ll have a new life”! 🙂

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