Motivation!  Got to get some motivation!  Actually I’m not doing too shabby in that department this morning.  So far I’ve gotten two kids off to school, showered, cleaned and mopped my kitchen, cleaned the living room and dining room, and now I’m babysitting!  It’s only 8:10 AM! 

It’s going to be a lovely spring day.  Time to start thinking of yard work.  Oh, I’m not looking forward to this.  We have so many trees and trees are nice ‘cept they come with roots that like to wind throughout the yard.  One can be minding their own business, riding along on the mower, all is right with the world and suddenly out jumps a root, right into the blade of the mower causing the blade to bend or break or worse, kill the mower completely!  Trees also come with random limbs that like to fall all over the yard so every time the wind blows there is another yard full of limbs to be picked up before mowing can occur.  Oh, the horror of it all! 

I think I’ll think about the yard work some other time.  I am a pro at crastinating!  Oh, I did it again!  I made a funny!  Get it?  Procrastinating?  I just kill me! 


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