Ever wonder, the more you read the Bible and understand it, the smaller it seems?  When I was little my father promised me that if I read the Bible from cover to cover he’d give me $10.  (Maybe I should change this topic to ,”Ever wonder how the older you get the smaller $10 seems?”  heheheheheh) 

Anyway, the Bible has always been this huge, daunting, book that it seemed impossible to get through!  It just doesn’t seem like that anymore.

I did Beth Moores, Daniel study and it blew me away!  Not only did I learn and understand the book of Daniel but I learned history too!  I was amazed to learn about the Persian Empire and all that stuff!  So now, when I read, I see so much of that same story unfolding.  This morning I was reading in Jeremiah and what do you think it was talking about?  Jeremiah’s prophecy of the Babylonians conquering Israel and Israels return!  Maybe this stuff is boring to some but to me it’s exciting!  This didn’t just happen in the Bible.  This happened in real life!  This is what you find in regular old history books! 

Aint that cool? 


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