If there is anything I’ve learned about Christians is that we are subject to the same things everyone else is.  I have a pet peeve.  I absolutely can’t stand it when I hear the words, “so and so says they’re a Christian but…………”  Talk about wrong judgments!  Just because a person is a Christian does not mean they won’t still act un-Christian-like from time to time.  And who’s perfect enough to place themselves as judge of what a Christian should act like anyway? 

That bumper sticker that says “God aint through with me yet,” is certainly something to think about.  It takes time to go from being a sinner to being a saint.  Old habits die hard.  It is not the norm for a person to recieve Christ and suddenly change their old ways.  Those that do tend to swing wide in the opposite direction and then feel like a failure when they can’t stop the swing back to where they were before salvation.  It’s a harsh roller coaster ride. 

Be patient when you see people who claim to be Christian act un-Christian.  God aint through with them yet either. 


One response to “Judging?

  1. That is very true, Barb. It is hard to keep from judging as it is so very easy to do when everyone around you is doing it. It is so wonderful that God is more patient w/us and doesn’t expect us to be perfect right away.

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