Lawn and Garden

God knows I want so much to be able to keep a pretty, nice, yard.  I want flowers, I want mulch, I want everything to be inviting and beautiful and what do I have?  One and a half acres of “do the best I can” yard! 

Yesterday was sunshiney and warm and the yard was in desperate need of mowing and trimming.  Spring is here after all.  I spent from 9 AM to 4 PM working on it all.  I must say I was quite impressed with myself.  Arimi was very good for me too.  She’s old enough that I can trust her to stay where I tell her while I mow.  She enjoyed chasing bugs and digging in the dirt with a stick. 

This morning it rained which was a welcome change around here.  We’ve had a very dry March.  I was especially glad that I got the yard done yesterday or else it would be another week before I would be able to get it done.  I took Arimi to the mailbox with me to mail a bill and grabbed 6 of the Iris plants that are planted under the mailbox to transplant in my two big blue buckets that we had tomatoes in last year.  I am really hoping they live and thrive. 

I do wish I could hire someone else to do the yard work though. 


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