The Game Plan

Paul, my husband, had a dream.  He began talking a few months ago about opening our own trading card game business so that our son could have a safe, family friendly environment to play Yu-gi-oh with others whenever he wanted.  In our town the only place for the kids to get together and play is in the back of a bookstore, on the floor, for two hours on Saturdays.  While it’s safe, it’s uncomfortable for the kids to have to play on the floor and their time is so limited.  The kids would also like to participate in tournaments and win prizes and the only place they can do that is at least 50 miles away.  I figured Paul was talking about this being something we’d do in years to come.  Little did I know he meant now!  🙂 

That man got busy and got all the paperwork, all the ducks in a row, everything that needs to be done, done, to start this business.  I’ve just sat back and watched in amazement as the inventory piles in my home and he wheels and deals to get everything in order. 

Now we have our space.  It is an auditorium actually.  It has been used previously for wedding receptions and parties.  It has a full working kitchen and all!  It’s perfect!  Of course the previous tenant was not happy about having to move out so she left the place a complete mess.  Now I feel like my part really begins.  Cleaning!  Cleaning and then I will be running the place during the week while Paul is at work and he’ll be working it in the evenings.  Because it has all the comforts of home though, I won’t be in too much of a hurry to leave so I’ll be able to spend more time with him. 

It is surreal.  While I’m there, cleaning, trying to imagine what it will look like when we get all the inventory and tables and chairs in, it is almost like this isn’t really happening.  But it is.  I’m really very excited about it.  I will try to remember to take some pics and post them later. 

What I love about this is that if it doesn’t work, we tried.  We had the courage to step out in faith and try to do something better for our family and make a name for ourselves.  That’s something to be proud of.  I do, however, feel very confident that this is going to work and be quite successful. 

So, that is the Game Plan! 


One response to “The Game Plan

  1. This is so cool, Barb. 😎

    I look forward to seeing the pictures of this new “home away from home” business of your family.

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