So Exciting!

We weren’t quite ready to open last Saturday but we let people come in to meet us and see what we were doing.  About 8 families came by and they were all so excited that they won’t have to drive an hour away anymore. 

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had to be at the store by 11 to meet with the credit/debit card machine man and to accept a delivery.  It was a pretty quiet day and I was only supposed to clean some more, organize, and learn the register system.  Around 3 o’clock a man walked in with his son and they just wanted to take a look around and ask a few questions.  They were both so very nice and we ended up talking for an hour and half.  Boredom does that to you I suppose.  Anyway, they left and about an hour later in walks another man with his son!  The son was asking all kinds of questions that I had no idea how to answer.  Luckily, Paul had just called me to say he would be there in five minutes so I asked the boy to wait for Paul.  As soon as Paul walked in the door he started bombarding him with excited questions.  Paul was tickled pink!  And as it turned out, we made our very first sale! 

I really think this is going to take off!  And what frightens me most is that this huge space suddenly doesn’t seem huge enough!  🙂 


2 responses to “So Exciting!

  1. This is very exciting Barbara! I don’t know anything about the card thing, but I’m so glad you have found a niche and have people coming in your doors before you even open!

  2. That is too cool!

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