Pretty awesome!

As of yesterday we have been officially open a week.  Last Wednesday was pretty much me sitting around doing nothing but watching my little girl and the little boy I babysit.  Friday night rolled around and it was very slow as well.  We had a few people come in and talk and get to know us a little but it was nothing to speak of really.  Then Saturday came and it was quite a day!  About 9:30 AM the kids started filing in.  We had a Yu-gi-oh tournament and after that we had a Naruto tournament.  Our sales for the day were way more than we expected.  It was an amazing day with many of the kids sticking around until we closed at 9 PM.  These kids are very well behaved as well which really blew me away. 

Yesterday, exactly one week after we opened, I sat there pretty bored again for a while.  Then guy came in with his family and bought some things and as he was leaving he mentioned that a bunch of the kids from Saturday were talking about coming in later in the day to play.  And they certainly did!  Around 4 PM they all came in and hung out until closing and sales were really good again!  The neat thing is that these kids are all begging to work there with us, telling us how awesome the place is, and thanking us for giving them a place to play!  Oh, and I forgot to mention that the ages of these kids range from 10 to 20.  Most of them around 16. 

Anyway, just wanted to share this with everyone.  I can’t tell you how often people have asked how we are going to make money because no one could imagine how much these kids love the games or how much they would invest in them.  I’m in shock about it myself! 

If anyone had told me last year that we’d be opening our own business and having this much fun doing it I’d have said they were crazy.  I’m sure many people were thinking we were crazy for trying!  But it just goes to show that good things may come from crazy ideas!  🙂 


One response to “Pretty awesome!

  1. Sounds like a crazy idea to me too….and I am completely tickeled that it is working out so well! 🙂

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