Battling the disorganized kid

This entire school year has been nothing but a huge pain in the butt!  Simon began this school year totally ill-prepared to deal with the normal organizational things that all fifth graders must deal with.  One of the things on his list for school supplies was a 2″ binder.  He got one.  Six weeks later after having issues with missed class work and missed homework assignments, I began showing up in his classroom at the end of the day to help him pack up.  His desk was a complete mess and shoved in the back was his binder….broken, and a confused look on Simons face.  I asked him why he needed a binder in the first place.  He said he didn’t know. 

With that, I took it upon myself to teach him how to organize his school work and homework in a brand new, way more expensive binder.  That worked for about three days.  Then I sent him to school with post-it notes to place in his text books to show what books need to come home at the end of the day without having to sort through everything.  It worked for one day before he lost the notes in the burmuda triangle that had become his desk once again. 

The entire school year has been a disaster!  I gave up and decided he could sink or swim as he was not going to even try to follow my methods because, as he put it, he has a new method that works better. 

Needless to say he’s failing two subjects, not for not understanding it, but for not completing homework assignments!  He scores high on the tests but he just doesn’t get the homework done!  He looks like he’s doing homework.  He acts like he’s doing homework.  He can even show his homework.  And still, he’s missing assignments!  He has been sent to the principles office twice in the past two weeks for seemingly disrespecting the teacher when she gives an assignment in class.  He chooses to daydream rather than work on the assignment. 

So here’s the plan.  From the minute Simon gets up each day to the minute he goes to bed, his day is planned out.  Homework, chores, meal time, shower time, bedtime, play time.  It’s all on the chart.  Should he not have things done in the time frame allotted, he will have things messed up and he will have to start over again.  So far he’s not had to start over as he knows full well, Mama means business. 

We’ll see how this works.  Somethings got to give or he’s going to be eaten alive in sixth grade next year where he will have to change classes between subjects, go to a locker, and be way more responsible. 


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