Will the trouble never end?

So, a funny thing happened as I was trying to have breakfast this morning……..

The principle from Simons school called.  Simon has been in the principles office twice in the past two weeks for failing to complete homework and school work.  The boy has been in deep hot water.  I figured it was more of the same.  Not this time. 

According to Simon, he was standing in the breakfast line at school when a first grader ran up to him and handed him a $1 bill.  He took it.  No big deal.  Later, he’s called to the principles office because the first grader was caught.  The first grader had stolen this bill from another student who says it was not a $1 but a $20!  Problem is, Simon can’t find the stupid bill now!  He says he must have dropped it in the hallway because he never put it in his pocket. 

The principle thinks he’s lying and wanted me to try to get Simon to tell where the money was.  In light of the trouble Simon has been in lately for lying and not doing his work, I don’t think he’s lying now.  I asked the principle what he wanted me to do and he said he was going to call the child who had his money stolens parents and verify the exact amount of the money in question.  Then he wants me and the child who stole the moneys parents to be responsible for returning the money. 

As I think on this I’m not seeing how my son is in trouble for simply taking something that was handed to him.  But then again, he needs to know that he should question such things and maybe should have told a teacher what happened.  But then again, what exactly did he do wrong? 


Dh went to the school this afternoon and spoke with the principle and with Simon.  As it turns out, Simon was not completely faultless.  He did not steal the money but he did know the little boy did and he was playing around with the little boy.  Not sure what else happened but dh paid our half of the $20 and Simon will be working it off.  I’m sooooooo tired! 


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