United States Marines, I’m so proud!

Yesterday evening my ex husband and I met with our 17 year old son at the Marine Recruiting office.  Ds is all signed up in the delayed entry program which means he will go this weekend for ASVAB and MEPS.  In June he goes for swearing in.  And until he graduates high school he will train with his recruiter 1-2 times a week and his recruiter will keep up with him during his senior year to be sure his grades don’t fall.  As soon as he graduates next may he will be off to Recruit Training and within 6 months, will be placed with his unit. 

I will never forget when I married his father the draft was a huge topic as there was much going on in the world back then.  I was terrified that he might be drafted.  I didn’t want anything to do with the military.  My view has changed dramatically and I think it’s due to 9-11.  I think the entire country has changed it’s attitude since then.  There is a pride for the military that I had not experienced in all my years.  These men and women are proud of their decision to protect and serve their country.  Now I see my son as one of those who will be protecting the future for his little sister and brother and all that come after him.  My heart is filled with pride.  How is it that my baby boy has grown into such a fine young man in just 17 years?  Yes, he drives me crazy.  He’s a teenager and teenagers are completely different animals than adults or children.  They are head strong, rebellious, and oh, so hard to get along with.  But when you look past all that and see the people they have become in spite of your best efforts to keep them little, it’s quite amazing. 

I am proud to be the mother of a United States Marine!


2 responses to “United States Marines, I’m so proud!

  1. You are right to be proud. The Marines will be good for your son. He already has the loyalty thing down and they will help him w/discipline and duty.

    I wish him well in this challenge. He’ll probably listen more to his recruiter than to you but if the recruiter is good he’ll be an example of how a good marine listens to superiors such as mothers. 🙂

  2. What really topped the night was when after I left he texted me asking if I was proud of him. I texted back saying I was big time proud. He texted back again saying “That’s all I wanted.” How awesome that was!

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