Honest venting

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I had a sinus infection first.  Once I was over that I developed a UTI.  Finally gave up my “natural” remedies and went to the doctor a week and a half later.  The infection was quite severe by this time.  So, I go on antiobiotics for that, finally feeling better, when boom!  My neck goes out!  AGAIN!  I had to wear a neck brace to work on Saturday morning but as it turns out, the assistant manager has a healing talent with massage and I felt much better after she massaged my neck.  However, I wake every morning with a horrible pain that runs from the back of my shoulder blade, through the top of my shoulder and then down my left arm.  Dh bought me a massage table for Christmas as his friend, the chiropractor, had said he wouldn’t mind coming to adjust me if we had a proper table.  Needless to say, this friend has not once come to adjust me, nor will he even consider it.  If I want to be adjusted I must go to the other side of Nashville and I aint risking my life to drive in Nashville! 

So, on top of the constant pain I’ve been in for the past month, I’m finding myself to be quite the cranky monster!  I work my buns off to try to keep the house, keep the yard, take care of the children, the husband, and no matter what I do, it’s not good enough.  Everyone is up in arms because the cat is having some issues and it seems she may have pee’d in the living room and no one can stand the smell and I can’t smell the smell and I’m getting the brunt of everyone making comments about the smell! 

I’m sick and tired of feeling like the janitor in a business that I’m also busting my butt for but have no clue what it’s all about!  I try to learn and get met with a general unwillingness to teach me because it’s easier to do something yourself rather than teach someone how to do it.  Therefore cleaning toilets, making coffee, and running a cash register is my eternal lot in life! 

I’ve also had about as much as I can take of Rosey O’Donnell and her rediculous views on The View!  No one is allowed to disagree with her “gospel” truth without paying the high cost of her quick wit and ability to chop someone off at the knees with her swift, sharp, tongue.  Elizabeth, who proves to be the only one on the show with half a brain and half a clue as to what is happening in the world, constantly gets treated as the fly that keeps landing on big Rosey’s nose.  Every word she says is shewed away like she’s just a neusance!  Rosey said, point blank that our troops in Iraq are the terrorists but she now denies it and everyone loves her and understands that what she says is gospel!  I personally think Rosey is on Bin Ladens payroll to help us evil Americans be more tolerant of jihadists so they can infiltrate us and kill us one by one!  Rosey should move her family to Iraq and see first hand what our troops are dealing with and maybe then she might have some kind of small clue.  But of course, she has much work to do here in the states as the worlds most beloved lesbian who fights for the rights of those who would love nothing more than to kill all Jews, Christians, and Americans!  Thank God she is leaving The View and God willing, she will leave the world of Television altogether! 

Can you tell I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with everything? 


One response to “Honest venting

  1. Barb, I sure wish I could post a big hug but this will have to do (((((HUG))))) and I can’t even deliver it in person.

    I understand how you feel about your home. Maybe go on strike there and possibly at the store as well. Someone else can clean the toilets for a change.

    As for Rosie O…. I completely agree with you. We’d all be much better off if she completely got out of the spotlight. Maybe get sued and lose everything then she just might realize how much she needs us little people, not that we need her at all. She’s not been on my good list since she took apart Tom Selleck on her show when he was almost drop dead sick and not able to defend himself from her vicious attacks on his stands. I lost all respect for her over that one.

    Take care dear sister and know that you aren’t alone. Love you.

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