Still open for business

Things have really been going very well.  Word of mouth is our only form of advertisement.  Comments are being made by the kids that they feel like they’ve come home when they come to our store.  They feel welcomed, valued, appreciated, and they really enjoy hanging out with there friends there.  Several parents have spoken up and thanked us for providing this place so they don’t have to drive 1-2 hours on weekends so their child can play. 

We’ve been doing so well with the Yu-gi-oh and Naruto crowd but have had a hard time enticing the Magic the Gathering crowd.  Several have come in to buy booster packs but they never stayed to play.  Well, last week I walked in and my husband was talking to a man and woman who play Magic weekly at the other local shop.  I didn’t think anything of it.  Then Friday night about 6:30 they walk in with 8 more people behind them!  All had been about to play at the other shop when the first two walked in and said, “Hey, let’s hop over to the Game Plan to play tonight!”  So, every one of them just up and walked out of that shop and came to ours!  It was so exciting!  They alone spent close to $200!  And they have expressed their dislike for the other shop in that the owner is not willing to cater to their wants or needs and often when they show up to play he announces they won’t be able to play there that night.  As far as I know they are pushing to get all their other friends to come play on Friday nights!  This is pretty amazing! 

We’ve had a lot of push back from another shop owner who lives in another town.  He was having the big Naruto tournaments there and it’s amazing to me to see how far people are willing to drive to play in these tournaments!  Anyway, when he learned we were opening, he began posting slanderous comments about us on the Bandai gaming forums!  He said we seemed a bit shady along with several other rude comments.  He even went so far as to slam his own customers because they had started coming to our store!  He acted like these kids owed him something for all the hard work he’s done to put on these tournaments for them.  It got to the point where he got into some trouble with the Bandai people.  He seems to have cooled down a bit now but we keep a close eye on him.  The owner of the other local shop came in to our store a few weeks ago and just took a look around.  He didn’t say anything to anyone, he just walked around and then left.  We wouldn’t have known who he was except some our regurlars recognized him.  Strange that we have caused such a stir. 

Meanwhile, I’m learning to play Naruto.  That’s kinda fun.  I’ve felt pretty useless when it comes to making trades, etc, because Paul knows all about that stuff and I know nothing.  I’ve felt much like the cashier, silent partner, and janitor.  But, I was able to tell Paul exactly what I was feeling and he, being the wonderful and often sensitive man he is, figured it out.  I need confirmation that I am doing a good job and I really look for approval.  So, he’s been making it a point to let me know how much I’m needed and appreciated.  That means a lot to me. 


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