Rosie has left the building!

And I say….Good riddance to bad rubbish! 

I am normally not a mean person but I have just had all I can stand of Rosie ODonnell on The View.  She has constantly ridiculed what she calls, “Militant Christians” and then been nothing less than a “Militant Liberal!”  I was grateful to hear that she has left The View early but not suprised that she seemingly has no apology to make for making Barbara Walters a laughing stock for having hired her for the show in the first place!  I don’t mind political debate but over and over again this woman has turned political into personal. 

Good bye, fairwell, hope to not see you on TV again Rosie! 


4 responses to “Rosie has left the building!

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    I’m not a fan of The View by any means but I’ve learned more about it since Rosie got on than I ever wanted to know.

  2. I personally loved Rosie back before she came out as a lesbian. I thought she was funny, sweet, and her show was a blast! If she had remained the same after coming out, I would still really like her a lot. But she just seemed to change dramatically and got mean spirited.

  3. I have never watched that show. I did watch the Rosie show once or twice and it was funny, but I really didn’t like her much.

  4. jodysgirl94

    I don’t watch The View anymore but I will say that I’m glad Rosie is off the air for awhile.

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