Expect the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected.  How many times have you heard that?  And how many times have you seen an answer or a blessing happen in exactly the opposite way that you expected it?  Can you think of one?   

My children and I were on our way to
Bowling Green yesterday to visit my Aunt and Uncle when my 11 year old started asking questions about dinosaurs.  He wanted to know the exact purpose for dinosaurs and exactly how they became extinct.  Unfortunately for my children when questions like that arise, Mama begins to get philosophical and it all turns into one huge lesson about God and the Bible. 
J  Can’t help it.  It just happens!  J  

So, I began explaining how scientists tend to think they have it all completely figured out such as exactly how certain dinosaurs must have looked and what they ate based on bones they meticulously puzzle-pieced together and added muscle mass and skin.  How could they have really known for sure?  There are no pictures.  How could they really know? 

That explanation went on to how humans expect one thing and God gives another.  Case in point, humans expected a great and mighty warrior to come save them.  God gave a baby in a stable.   

Our 12 Step Journey begins with expectations.  Some of us imagined we’d be completely changed when we finished the 12th step.  We’d be strong and wouldn’t allow anyone to ever walk all over us again!  As for me, I certainly did not become invincible but I did change.  I am better able to deal with the troubles of this life now than I was before.  Some of us have felt they haven’t changed at all but when the rest of us watch and remember the first time we met, we see a world of change!   

Whatever your expectations of how you will change, don’t be surprised when things are completely different from what you expect.  Expect the unexpected and see that the unexpected is far better than you ever expected in the first place! 


One response to “Expect the Unexpected

  1. You’re right. We don’t always see the changes that happen over a period of time but they are there none the less. That’s a great object lesson that you gave your children. I would have done something similar given the same circumstances.

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