Decision has been made

I went ahead and contacted some ladies who have either never been to the 12 Step group or who have visited but left the group for one reason or another, and invited them to join me in a new group.  I made myself rather ill with my fears and thoughts of “Oh, my God what am I doing?” and “I’m really going to make some people mad!” But I know it was really just me trying to talk myself out of moving ahead with something I believe I am supposed to be doing.  I do like the safe zone you know. 

So far I’ve gotten positive feedback from three of the ladies but none have said they would definately come.  I know that I have nothing to worry about if this is truly what God is leading me to do.  He’s faithful and will He will bring the ladies who need to be here. 


2 responses to “Decision has been made

  1. Wondering how this is going or have you put it on hold w/all that has been happening in your family.

  2. Had to put it on hold due to all the chaos however, I am going to push full steam ahead and have the first meeting this coming Tuesday night.
    I met a lady who wants to help as she has some experience with volunteering with the Domestic Violence program and she’s a student majoring in psychology or something to that effect. I have to spend some time with her to make sure we are in agreement.

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