The winds of change

I’m not sure what it is but things are changing.   Well, it’s more attitudes that are changing.  Up till now I’ve been very impressed with the overall kindness of the kids who come to play here.  They all started out as well behaved, eager to help each other learn new games, and always very considerate of others.  Over this past week I’ve noticed there seems to be a lot of testosterone flying around.  Certain older kids are not getting along with the younger ones in that they younger ones are trying to fit in and talk like the older ones.  It’s not been real pretty.  I’ve had to step in on a couple of verbal altercations.  My husband has had to chime in as well.  I wonder if it’s the heat of the summer. 

Other than that, things are going well.  I’m sitting her today, bored, while the kids play.  I should be entering in the newest shipment of comics but I have a slight headache and I’m watching a new kid pretty closely as he seems to be a bit edgy and I don’t trust that he’s not going to go off on someone.  I haven’t figured out if it’s just his personality or if he’s got a chip on his shoulder. 

Oh, the fun of owning  your own business! 


2 responses to “The winds of change

  1. I hope that the attitudes don’t get too extreme on you. Keep having fun. 🙂

  2. Yes the fun of business with the fun of other people’s children. I hope it is just a temporary thing. Kids seem restless in the summer without the structured school year schedule that is so ingrained.

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