Old Memories

With the onset of the new man that was my first husband I find myself in a quandry of strange emotions.  I went to pick up our son Saturday evening and I ended up sitting in the mans livingroom floor digging through tons of photographs from when we were married.  Somehow in the divorce he ended up with most of the pictures and then through the years I never had the money to buy the boys school pictures.  My ex was wanting me to look through them and pick out the ones I wanted. 

I now have tons of pics of my boys from when they were little.  God how I missed those!  God how I miss holding my little boys and rocking them to sleep.  How I miss playing with them.  I have so many regrets.  I have a ton of anger still.  I have a whole lot to work through. 


2 responses to “Old Memories

  1. (((Barb)))
    I’m so glad that your ex is allowing you to have pictures of your boys from when they were growing up. Remember to ask God to help you deal with the anger that is with in you. You know that God has forgiven you now you need to forgive yourself.

  2. That was so nice to get some of those pictures. I’m sorry you are still dealing with the anger of some the unresolved issues. That is some heavy weight to be lugging around. Ditto what Elaine said….It is harder for us to forgive ourselves and harder to accept that thought….yet it is so easy to accept God’s forgiveness…..(((hugs to you)))

    I do understand……..

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