Lord, hear my prayer

God is providing.  The 12 Step group is coming along nicely.  I met a lovely woman recently who showed interest in helping with the group as she has some experience in social work and support groups.  She is motivated to move forward to healing for her own life and so she will join the group and work her steps first.  I’m amazed at the ministry opportunities that God has provided through The Game Plan.  Paul has a lot on his plate with the boys.  The kids seem to look up to him and he fits in with them so well.  He doesn’t look at it like a ministry because he just isn’t wired that way but he does look at it as an opportunity to have a positive influence in their lives.  And for anyone who really knows Paul, they will know that he certainly is a positive influence.  He is a man of integrity, honesty, and hard work.  He is a family man who knows what is important.  If any of this does not rub off on the kids it will be a conflict of the way life works!  And I have found that the mothers of the kids, and the girls who come to play, (yes, there are women who enjoy these TCG’s, ) are often in need of someone to talk to.  I have offered the 12 Step group to them and offered my shoulder when they just need to be heard.  Though it’s an odd place for God to show up and the general Church population would think God would never set foot at a gaming store, clearly, He has surprised us all as is His usual way.  God is in the house!  Hallelujah! 


One response to “Lord, hear my prayer

  1. People have this terrible habit of trying to put God in a box, or a church. They don’t seem to realized that He’s done His best work completely outside the “church”. He cannot be confined to a building or a tent, He is so much bigger.

    I’m glad that both you and your husband, though he’s not as aware of it as you are, have opened yourselves to ministry outside of the norm. God will use the two of you to meet others where they are not where they need to be. That’s what’s so great about our God. 😎

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