My son


I’m just really proud of him although he would never know it.  Reason?  He would never hear of it.  I have bent over backward to let him know how much I love him, how proud I am of him, and how much he means to me.  He continually fights back against it.  As long as I let him do whatever he wants he’s fine but the minute I tell him no about anything he starts demanding to know why I won’t let him.  Then it turns into some big argument.  I’m so tired of it I quit arguing but I am standing my ground.  I simply quit talking which really put him off balance. 

He’s a smart, funny, wonderful kid, who is graduating next may and driving me nuts! 


2 responses to “My son

  1. He reminds me a bit of Garth Brooks. 😀

    Just keep loving him. And when that is hard ask God to love him through you, He’ll understand and your son will thank you one day.

  2. You know who...

    Good, Stop playing the game!
    It is a typical teenage thing.
    Love ya!

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