I’ve been here at the store since 10:30 this morning.  I’ve got a headache but neglected to bring my ibuprofen with me.  We have a TV hooked up with an X-box so the kids play that in between playing cards.  No problem except I have a daughter who is constantly trying to be right in the middle of the action and I hate hearing everyone always have to ask her to stop doing whatever it is she’s decided to do this time! 

Ok, that’s off my chest.  Next is the fact that I am still learning and have to deal with kids wanting to trade or sell cards and have impromptu tournaments.  I know nothing about running the tournament software.  I’m only beginning to understand buying and trading.  And I have a husband who has decided that I should already know it all and is already taking Thursdays off completely and now is acting as if he needs to also have Wednesdays off!  He can’t understand why I’m a little freaked out here! 

He works hard at his “real” job but they drive him nuts and when he’s had a hard day I get the brunt of it.  He misinterpreted my worries of being left alone to run the store as being the same demands he has at his job where he has to do everything all the time for everyone because no one will learn how to do anything for themselves!  Great!  And of course, he’s allowed to blow off the steam when he’s stressed but I’m not. 

So today, I’m just angry with the world. 


9 responses to “Angry

  1. Ahhh…. Barb I am sorry you are having a rough time…. big hugs!!!

  2. (((((Barb)))))

    Check out my site, I nominated you for an honor award. 😀

  3. (((((Barb)))))

    Check out my site, I nominated you for an honor aw

  4. That should read: “…I nominated you for an honor award.”

  5. Hey Elaine, I looked at your site and didn’t see anything. Was I in the wrong place? 🙂

    Love the beautiful pics though.

    Sleepy, thanks for the advice. You are right, and I will. Wonderful advice! 🙂

  6. I’m sorry you are having such a difficult time. It has to be stressful for both of you…..take a deep breath….(((hugs)))

  7. Barb, How are things going now?

  8. Things are better now. I’m learning the ins and outs and am better able to answer questions and handle situations.
    Thanks for your concerns. And prayers of course.

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