I now understand why it is that everyone kept telling me that if I wanted to learn to play Naruto or Yugioh better that I should enter a tournament.  I really enjoy both games but I don’t have much in the way of confidence in myself in either.  I will play against Simon in a heart beat but I’m intimidated at the thought of playing anyone else. 

Last Saturday we had the big tournament in Naruto called the Chunin exam.  Winners of the Chunin are invited to play in the Saanin exam which is a huge big deal.  I played in the Chunin because we needed all the players we could get as it looks better on our store.  I couldn’t believe the excitement of the boys when I told them I was playing.  Was it the eagerness of an easy win against me or were they proud that I finally got the guts to enter?  I go with the first choice.  But easy, I did not make it for them.  I gave them a run for their money and I was proud.  The more rounds we did the better I got and the more fun I had. 

Out of 14 I made 12th place.  Not too shabby for a first timer, huh?  I think I’ll enter tomorrows tournament too. 

Oh, and a side note on the previous entries.  Things have chilled a bit.  Paul and I both have stepped up and put our feet down about rules and how everyone will be treated with respect regardless of the circumstance. 


One response to “Fun

  1. I think it is great that you came in 12th. How neat, and you can’t get ahead if you don’t learn and playing is part of learning. Great job!!!

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