Tired today.  The C-store can be quite a pain in the butt….and the back…

Once again, the schedule was made without proper knowledge of the happenings going on at the college right across the street.  Yesterday I worked alone as they held a graduation.  It’s amazing how many people will leave in the middle of a graduation ceremoney to run across the street to get snacks for the family!  And then when the graduation lets out, everyone is too hungry to wait till they get to a restaraunt.  They must stop in for snacks to tide them over.  I needed another person with me but I didn’t let it get to me.  I turned it into a game or a challenge if you will.  Could I do it?  Yes!  I did!  Not that I wasn’t a bit testy by the time second shift got there. 

Today was fan day for the sports teams at the college.  I didn’t find out until I noticed a sign go up over there about 11 AM.  So, I happened to ask a customer who was obviously on their way over there and I was told that it was starting at 2 and ending at 4:30.  I had been at work at 6 AM.  So, knowing that the second shift girl might get slammed as she had no help with her today, I decided to stay.  I stayed until 5….11 hours.  I’m pretty exhausted. 

I need to go to the store to get the remaining school supplies that Simon needs but Paul is insisting that I go home and he will go when The Game Plan closes tonight.  I may let him.  I just love looking at all the school supplies. 

And speaking of ouch….tomorrow I get to go for the old Mammogram.  It’s not as painful as some people have told me it is.  The thing that bothers me is having some strange woman picking them up and putting them on the machine like they don’t belong to me.  That’s a strange feeling to say the very least.  But it’s necessary and I hope that all you ladies who read this will make sure you are getting your Mammies grammed on a regular basis.  You never know what might be lurking in there. 


3 responses to “Ouch

  1. I stand reminded 😉

    Really I do need to find a good GYN and get in for an appointment.

  2. UGH! It is probably about time to make that wonderful yearly appt.! I have not had the pleasure of have the squish exam yet, not looking forward to that either!

  3. I just have my regular doctor do the pelvic exams and she made the appointment with the radiologist to do the Mammy.
    If you are of age to need the Mammy and haven’t had it done yet, don’t worry, it’s not as bad as some may say. I haven’t found it to be painful, just merely uncomfortable. Just do it!

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