Once again, I’m floored.  Arimi and I sat down to do math yesterday.  One of the requirements for Kindergarten is that the child learn how to count from 1-20.  I knew she had quite an aptitude for math because we’ve been practicing numbers the past two weeks and she understands that once you get past 12 you are just re-counting numbers 3-9 with the word, “teen” behind it.  Some sound strange like the fif in fifteen but she gets it.  So I gave her a bowl and 25 pennies.  I had her count the pennies by placing them in the bowl one by one.  She counted to 20 and told me there were more pennies.  I told her to count them too.  She proceeded with 21, 22, on up to 25.  No trouble there.  She wanted to count backwards so she started taking the pennies out, starting at 25 and counting them down. 

She got down to 14 and forgot what came next.  Before I got a chance to help her she covered her mouth and quietly started counting to herself from 1 up.  When she got to 14 she remembered that 13 was the next number down and so she just picked up from there and finished counting down to the last pennie. 

Do I have a brilliant daughter or what? 

I told her that with her understanding of numbers there will be nothing that she cannot be when she grows up.  To which she announced that she wanted to be an elephant when she grows up. 

Ok, so some things click and some things don’t.  🙂 


2 responses to “Math

  1. I would say that she understands quite a bit already but has managed to retain the innocent imagination where all things are possible. Do what you can to help her retain that gift – right now she does believe that all things are possible, so teach her to always believe that with God they are. With that belief strongly ingrained in her what a Faith she will have.

  2. She is definately faith-filled already. She loves animals. She likes to sleep with the TV on but doesn’t like watching normal shows. Animal Planet has become her fave lately.

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