Basic Human Needs

Isn’t it amazing?  To think of the huge expanse of time, when it began, how long it’s been, and how many people from then to here; not one fingerprint of the millions and trillions of people who have existed from the beginning until now is the same.  DNA is not the same.  Personalities, looks, likes, dislikes, nothing about each person is the same. 

I’ve had the generous opportunity in the past six months to consider upon this fact.  I’ve been in a position to experience the personalities of many different people in one type of setting.  Some are bold, some are shy, some are kind, some are rude, some are self-serving, and some put everyone else first.  Some fit in, and some don’t.  Whatever their general human makeup, they are completely different individuals and yet, completely the same in that they all have the basic human needs. 

So, we all need water, food, shelter, and clothing.  Of course.  But what lies underneath is what makes us all the same.  What makes every human the same is the basic human needs of love, social acceptance, friendship, interaction, and validation.  Do we all get these?  No.

There is a Christian commandment that says we are to love the unlovely.  Clearly, not everyone is lovely.  Some people are downright annoying.  What lies beneath the unloveliness?  Are we supposed to try to take a look and find out?  If we knew the answer would it make a difference?  I’d like to think so. 

But what about those who have decided they will not comply because they shouldn’t have to be loveable to be loved?  Well, I could be wrong but my thoughts are as such…….Those who choose to buck the system and push back with annoying behavior that would make even the most patient of angels skin crawl, are acting out in pain.  They’ve not had someone reach out in friendship or love to them.  They’ve been hurt so much they are sick and tired of trying.  Often, because of this, they turn into unforgiving, mean, people. 

So what would happen if someone was brave enough to give one of these unfortunate ones a chance?  Would it be worth the while or would the extended hand be drawn back a bloody stump? 

I’ve drawn back a few bloody stumps in lifetime and they’ve been quite painful.  I’ve determined on many occasions never to extend a hand again.  Before I know it, my hand is out there again.  Why do I put myself through this kind of torture?  Because there is not one human life on this planet that is not worth reaching out to.  One man proved it years ago as he hung with outstretched hands, offering his love and friendship to a crowd of people who spat on him.  He held back nothing.  Neither should I. 


2 responses to “Basic Human Needs

  1. What a wonderful point to make. It is so easy to love the loveable…..but it takes so much effort to reach out to the unloveable….not many people are willing to see past the ill behavior to see the pain inside…..People that are have become a rare breed.

  2. You are so right, Barb.
    Not an easy, nor pleasant often times, task to do.

    When I worked at the food bank once a month helping people get their food I met some of the unlovely, some of the mean and some of the unfortunate yet lovely people that God placed here. I was also blessed to see those who do extend the hand with such love that makes Jesus smile.

    Oh that I could/would do that more.

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