So, I decided to create a myspace account. 

I did this because it will be easier to keep up with my boys.  Besides, everyone seems to have one these days and I wondered what the big deal was.  I’m not sure I like it yet but it was fun setting it up.  Ok, so it wasn’t fun.  It was work.  Hard work!  I was so frustrated with it that I was about to say forget the whole thing.  But then, I’m here working the shop by myself today as Paul is demo-ing UFS at Dragon-Con in Atlanta today.  So, I asked one of the kids to help me out and before I knew it, 7 of them were helping me!  And then they all were asking me to add them to my friends.  I had to get Nick to do the page layout for me and he went the extra mile to add music for me.  Gotta say, I’m impressed.  Maybe myspace will be fun afterall. 


One response to “Yea

  1. Hi Barb!! I am catching up with everyone. I have a myspace page to, but I hardly ever go there. I had my daughter help me set it up and I guess maybe if I had more time, I might get into it more… lol!! I am glad you are enjoying yours!!

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