Venting about things

I find myself quite disturbed this morning.  Simon has in school suspension for the next three days because he was shouting cuss words during the pep-rally yesterday.  I’ve very upset with him over this and Paul and I have both taken action here at home and agree with the ISS.  However, what is to be done about the teacher? 

One of Simons teachers is a woman who could make me go redneck if push came to shove and I’ve a feeling it’s about to.  In discussing the issues of Simons cussing at school yesterday, Paul and I learned some interesting goings-on.  Simon has told me that this particular teacher mocks him in class.  The only incident he could remember in detail was as she was writing the assignments he had missed that day on the board in front of the class she turned to Simon with a smart tone to her voice and asked, “any others Simon?”  When he said no, she replied, “didn’t you have money?”  Referring to the punishment I have enforced where he gets $10 at the beginning of the week and then for each assignment missed he pays me back $1.  Uncalled for on it’s best day. 

Simon had told me she has been mocking him all school year.

There have been some boys in his class as well who have tormented Simon all school year saying he’s gay to his face and behind his back and making jokes about him.  Where do you draw the line?  If a teacher doesn’t hear it, it’s ones word against another.  However, the teacher has heard it.  What was her response?  She looked at the boys and said, “Be nice.”  So, my question is this…would it be ok for me to go to this teacher and tell her she’s gay and proceed to make fun of her in front of her students?  Would I only be asked to be nice?  Or would I be thrown off the premises and threatened with arrest?  If “be nice” is good enough to control the bullies, shouldn’t it be enough to control me? 

It’s no wonder I grew up with issues! I was bullied all through my school years and I knew that there was nothing I could do but take it.  And now our schools put up this big front about not tolerating bullying of any kind and yet, they still do.  I grew up knowing that nothing I could ever say or do would make a difference.  I don’t want Simon to feel that way.  It’s a hopeless feeling and, if I may be so bold, is this not one of the breakdowns in our society? 


3 responses to “Venting about things

  1. School Bullying – not a good thing and one reason that I’m glad my kids aren’t in PS. Yes we all have to learn to deal with them, and I don’t have a problem w/my kids doing so, but when the schools have a no tolerance toward bullying yet don’t enforce it… 😈

    Maybe your hubby will allow you to bring him home again. I’ll be praying.

  2. I know what it is like to bullied in school as well. I never wanted our girls to be put through that so that is just one of the reasons we homeschool. That and I don’t want them to have the socialization with kids like that.

    I pray that things work out for all of you.

  3. So sorry he has been going through all of that. The behavior from the teacher is the worst!!

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